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This floral arrangement evokes the sights and scents of Tuscany, is a captivating masterpiece of natural beauty. Its vivid colors and charming aroma combine to create a stunning arrangement that captures the essence of the Italian terrain. The primary colors that feature prominently in this floral arrangement are vivid yellows, deep reds, and brilliant oranges.

The sunshine-yellow flowers evoke the warm and sunny Tuscan landscape and brighten up any space they're placed in. The bold red flowers complement these, symbolizing the lively and energetic spirit of Tuscany's people. The bright oranges that balance the colors out represent the lush Tuscan countryside and complement the flowers perfectly.

The whole effect of this floral arrangement is both sophisticated and rustic, and is sure to transport you to the rolling hills of Tuscany at just a glance.

Medium size: 3 focal flowers in a cube vase.

Large size: 4 focal flowers in a tall cylinder vase.


*Florals subject to change based on availability.

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